Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters - 2 Pack

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Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters feature a multi-layer design, with a thick mesh outer surface and an impermeable bottom layer. The mesh slows ticks' climb by 4-8x compared to other pant fabrics, and its fibers are bound with millions of micro-capsules of permethrin repellent that release gradually through friction from walking. This winning combination of protective mesh and permethrin helps save your skin from tick bites that may carry Lyme disease and other tick-borne bacteria, parasites, and viruses. 

This micro-encapsulated tick repellent also repels mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers, and mites. Repellency lasts for approximately 50 washes.

One pair per package. Each piece measures 12 inches long. Adjusts to fit most adult calf sizes, up to a 19-inch circumference. Effectively covers the entire lower leg, the common target for tick ambushes. Easy on and off wrap design. Lightweight, durable, and breathable 100% polyester fiber content.

This product is sewn and treated in the US. Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters have been treated with EPA-registered micro-encapsulated permethrin tick repellent. EPA Reg. No. 86110-2. CA DPR No. 1051273.

MFG: 980x
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