Custom Jigs & Spins Shrimpo 2 Pack

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Imagine catching world-class panfish without live bait! It's now possible with the Shrimpo. The Shrimpos secret is its lifelike Finesse Plastic tail which constantly moves, even when you are not jigging. Use the Shrimpo in shallow water situations when fish are actively feeding or not aggressive at all. A jig and pause motion is recommended. Use the size 10 Shrimpo for bluegill and the size 6 Shrimpo for crappie and walleye. If you're looking for guaranteed panfish action every time you go fishing, then the Shrimpo is for you. Shrimpos are best used beneath a tiny bobber cast around piers, deadfalls and weedy patches. Slip bobbers are also effective when fish are suspended above weed edges or sunken brush. Trout find the Shrimpo irresistible and steelhead will hang on to the soft plastic body a long time.
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