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  1. March 17, 2021

    Striker Ice Apex Jacket & Bibs | The best ice fishing suit for 2021.

    The new grand daddy of ice suits is coming for winter 2021.  The Striker Ice Apex Jacket and Bibs combines industry leading components, not just for an ice suit, for top of the line outerwear across all industries.  Designed to be an ice fishing combo, but the features in this jacket and bib cross over to anyone looking for a super warm, yet lightweight combo that's waterproof.

    Feature Overview

    First off, here is a list of the features Stiker has crammed into this suit, and why we think this is going to be the king of the 2021 ice clothing.  We'll detail each feature further down.


    Striker Apex Jacket

    Striker Ice Apex Ice Fishing Jacket • 320D Nylon Tussor Shell
    • Hydrapore® Pro Waterproof 10,000mm / Breathable 5,000g
    • 150g Sureflote® Flotation Assistance Technology
    • Line Cutterz® Zipper Pull Included
    • Built-in Heat Map Technology
    • C6-DWR (Durable Water Repellent) Finish Repels Moisture
    • 3-position Adjustable Hood
    • Oversized Fleece Lined Collar
    • Magnetic Storm Flap Closure
    • Fleece Lined Handwarmer Pockets
    • Top Loading Cargo Pockets with Magnetic Closure
    • Cross Flow Venting System
    • Adjustable Hem and Sleeve Cuff
    • Reflective Elements for Safety
    • YKK Zippers

    Striker Apex Bib

    • 320D Nylon Tussor Shell
    • Hydrapore® Pro W
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  2. June 07, 2019

    Sun Protective Clothing - UPF shirts are the new sunscreen.

    The Sun is Our Friend(And Our Enemy)

    Living in Minnesota brings a ton of summer days.  Ok not really.  We get a short repreave from the cold to suck up some Vitamin D and a few warm rays before it's back to layering season.  But one thing to remember when baring your skin for our 4 short months is to make sure we get protection from harmful UV rays.  Like all things in life moderation is the key.  Thankfully we have a full gamut of UPF rated clothing available to us now that are rated as high as 100 UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor).  These clothes are designed to keep you cool, dry, and covered while you're enjoying the outdoors.


    How UPF Clothes are Rated

    UPF is the rating system used for apparel. It’s similar to SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the rating system used for sunscreen products. SPF pertains only to a sunscreen's effectiveness against UVB rays, considered to be the more damaging type of light. UPF, though, gauges a fabric's effectiveness against both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) light.

    When you shop, things are relatively simple: Look for a higher UPF rating number in order to get better sun protection.


    UPF Rating

    Protection Category

    Effective UV Transmission (%)

    15, 20


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  3. March 24, 2019

    SNEAK PEAK - Strikemaster's New Ice Suits for 2019-2020

    StrikeMaster is working hard to ensure that ice anglers have the very best gear they need for their ice adventures.
    Whether you’re in search of a serious ice suit or simply upgrading for comfort and safety, their suits stand above the fluff in the market
    today. Wear the hottest brand on the ice. Just ask the pros: James Holst (IDO), Tony Roach and Brad Hawthorne.

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  4. March 01, 2019

    Sneak Peak - Strikemaster Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Unit

    Strikemaster Logo

    Strikemaster is entering the drill unit space in a big way!

    Coming for the 2019-2020 ice season!  The lightweight Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Unit is designed to be used with any professional quality 18v or higher brushless electric drill or any strikemaster power head including the 40V!  Full length segmented flight is resin molded for durablility and weight in mind.  The heavy duty steel hex shaft and reinforced "T" connection give the unit added strength.  One thing that will seperate this from the other shaver unit is the Power Point that helps prevent the lightweight auger from walking when starting your hole.  It also includes the New Strikemaster NDA-3 Adapter that allow you to connect any Strikemaster power head and use either Strikemaster's hand auger or power auger extensions.  The real big thing is that these are going to be hitting the shelves in September at the lowest price point of the 3 drill units with the 8" model just $199!

    Update: We've had a bunch of people ask.  The 6" is going to run $179.


    Any questions on the new unit, please email [email protected] or call 888-525-1201.


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  5. January 07, 2019

    Ice Fishing for Jumbo Perch - Tips & Techniques

    “Never leave fish to find fish!” I remember clearly my grandpa telling me this every time we started catching fish and then the bite slowed down. It could have been trout, walleye, pike or perch it didn’t matter. It wasn’t until we hadn’t had a bite for at least an hour before we could search out another spot. I’ve heard that same phrase uttered over and over again, and now it just causes me to grin. The reason for that is that it’s great advice if your goal is simply to catch fish. It makes sense. But what if your goal is a little different? Let me challenge your thinking a little bit and see if you agree.

    I like catching perch as much as the next guy. They are super fun, the action can be red hot and, of course, they are delicious! It’s great to take kids out and have them tangle with dinks all day, that’s one of the reasons I came to love this sport so much. But how many jumbos do you catch? What if you could head out and consistently catch 12”, 13”, 14+” slabs all day? Well, here’s why you’re not catching those fish and then I’ll share some secrets to change that for you.

    The School

    Perch are a schooling fish, but more than that, they tend to school with similar year classes. What this means is that once you find yourself on a school you will be catching similar sizes of fish. They won’t all be identical but normally you can take your average size and add 3” to get the biggest fish you might catch. So if you are catching some good 8-10” eaters there may be the odd 12” or larger out there, but it is highly unlikely that you will pick up a 14” slob in that school. Obviously it’s not impossible because there are always the incidental jumbo perch catches that hit your social media feed, or that one that your buddy got that one time and he won’t let you forget it. But what about the guys that seem to do it all the time? How do they do it? Simple: they have upped the average size of the school they are fishing. They are fi

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  6. November 30, 2018

    Ice Augers – Choosing the best tool for the job.

    There have never been so many options to simply put a hole in the ice.  Gas augers, electric augers, propane augers, hand augers, even augers that attach to your cordless drill.  Every style, type, and brand of auger has its Pros and Cons.  Depending on your ice auger to do the job you need when you need it is critical for your hardwater success.  We'll try and help narrow down your choice with our experiences with each auger class and model. 


    Let’s get this first thing out of the way.


    Hand Augers

    Your first decision is a budget decision.  Hand augers are the most economical, and up to a few years ago, the only light weight option available.  Hand augers typically don’t cost more than $100 and can be as cheap as $30.  There are multiple blade options such as the Eskimo Silvertip Curved Blade and the Strikemaster Lazer both offering shaver blades that allow for smooth turns and “dig” into the ice to reduce the amount of effort needed to cut through the ice.


    Light Weight & Portable | Weight matters on early and late ice when you’re normally on foot and the amount of gear you carry can make a difference in how portable you are.  The heaviest hand auger weighs in under 8 pounds.

    Cost | Hand augers are the least expensive option in augers.  The top of the line unit runs under $100.


    Effort, effort, and more effort |

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