Browning Universal Vault Door - Out-Swing

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Browning Universal Vault Door - Out-Swing
Browning Universal Vault Door - Out-Swing

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    For gun owners, having a place to store their guns in a safe and organized manner is very important. You don't want guns to just lie around the house because of the chance that a child may get their hands on these dangerous weapons. Additionally, you also want your guns to be hidden to keep them from being stolen by intruders or worse, used against you. That is why many people use gun safes to organize and hide their guns. Browning has high quality safe and storage systems that keep your guns and your family safe. If you don't want a safe, you also have the option to have a built-in vault in your house, and still enjoy the protection that Browning Safes offer. The best option for this is the Universal Browning Vault Door. This is, in fact, the very the same door that is used in popular Browning safes same technology and the same protection.

    Uni-Force Locking System

    What makes the Browning Vault Door ultra-secure is the Uni-Force Lock System that it uses. It utilizes robust cam locks and a huge, multiple diversion bar system to keep the bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. This means that no matter what intruders do, they will not be able to open the vault door unless they know the right combination.

    The Advantage of Built-in Vaults

    Having a built-in vault inside your home for gun storage brings several benefits for you. One of these benefits is that it is bigger and it can store more guns. In fact, you can choose how big your vault will be, which is great if you are collecting guns and the number of the guns you own is growing. Another advantage is that it is easy to open if you know the combination, but it would be impossible for others to open without your authorization. Therefore, if you need a gun, especially during an emergency, you can easily take one out.

    Another advantage of having a gun vault is that it is easy to show your guns to your friends. Unlike a safe, you don't have to remove the guns from the vault to display them. Just open the Browning Vault Door and your friends will be able to admire your collection. You don't need to take them out, which is great if you have rare and highly prized armaments that you like to show-off to other gun enthusiasts, but would rather keep them safe on display.

    When it comes to storing many guns, having a built-in vault in your home for gun storage is a good idea. The best way to keep your collection secure is with a Browning Vault Door.

    If you have any questions regarding the Browning Universal Vault Door, please give us a call today at 877-503-8509!


    • Designed to fit a variety of wall types and installation requirements.
    • OmniBarrier Lock Protection System.
    • Uni-Force Locking System.
    • 1-7/8" of fire-resistant insulation in the door.
    • Knurled five-spoke Buckmark handle.
    • External ball-bearing hinges.
    • Palusol expanding fire seal.
    • Also available with a black primer finish that is ready to paint and match any decor.
    • Internal lock release to open the door from within the vault.

    Standard Specifications:

    • The minimum rough door opening for the Standard Vault Door is 83.00" H x 36.00" W.
    • External L-frame with 1/2" diameter steel J-bolt anchors (included) can be poured in place in new construction or installed in an existing door frame by using expansion anchors or lag bolts (not included).
    • Door frame L-flange will fit any wall with a minimum thickness of 5-1/2".
    • Available in Out-Swing model only.
    • Dimensions: 83.00" H x 36.00" W.
    • Weight: 645 lbs.
    • 7-gauge frame.
    • Locking bolts: 22.
    UPC: 023614455189
    MFG: 1601100075
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    UPC 023614455189
    Weight 645.000000