Gruv Fishing

Silicone Anchoring Systems

Gruv's patent-pending anchoring systems all use a silicone material. It’s not just any silicone material, it’s a specific type that is tested and proven to be extremely effective at anchoring your tackle. This means they can mold, shape, and create specific anchoring systems for specific types of tackle in specific tackle boxes. Gruv Fishing uses this silicone because it is durable and strong material that holds their tackle securely, organized, and safely.

Polycarbonate Shell

The shell of each of Gruv Fishing tackle boxes is made out of polycarbonate. This material is so strong, in fact, that it’s the same material that is used in bullet proof vests, and glass. When designing their tackle boxes, Gruv wanted to assure they were strong, durable, and lasted forever, so they chose polycarbonate. The boxes may not take a bullet, but other than that they’re nearly indestructible.

Magnetic Closure

A box is only as good as it’s closure. The latches that exist on most tackle boxes often wear down and break. That’s why Gruv designed a completely latch-less system that utilizes strong neodymium magnets. This provides for a very strong closure that isn’t going to ware down all while keeping your box securely shut yet easy to open and access when you need it.

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