Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack has always made bags the “right” way, with the best raw materials available, using the time honored techniques that has been established over their 135+ year history. The Lifetime Guarantee covers the things that over a century’s worth of experience says shouldn’t fail; the seams and stitches will not pull out, and the hardware will not break. If they do, they will make it right.
While your Duluth Pack is made with the best canvas and leather they can get their paws on, neither are indestructible, and your pack (if you use it the way we hope you will) is going to wear over time. The colors will fade, the canvas might tear, and the leather will scuff. Our customers like to wear their worn bags with pride, each “imperfection” a sign of a life well lived with your trusty pack in tow. Duluth Pack's Lifetime Guarantee does not cover this type of wear and tear, but their in-house repair team will happily patch, mend, and fix anything you would like for a nominal fee.
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