2B Fishing

Longtime fishing industry innovators Paul and Gregg Thorne, release the new and exciting 2B FISHING brand. 2B products harness over 35 years of fishing knowledge presenting today’s trend setting designs at a competitive price for every angler’s needs.

2B’s 2019-20 ice lineup includes six highly sensitive, action specific ice rods teamed up with a quality aluminum machined spooler ice reel and an innovative compact ice gear carry bag. The lineup has been researched and tested for years to be a certain hit with today’s modern ice anglers.

Warranty: 2B Fishing Rods carry a one-year warranty against manufacture defect.

Model Length Power Action Species Retail UPC
LIL NOOD 25" Noodle Fast Panfish $79 850003716343
BIG NOOD 30" Noodle Fast Panfish $79 850003716350
FAST DRAW 30" Med. Lite Extra Fast Panfish/Perch $79 850003716367
SOFT TOUCH 30" Lite Moderate Crappie $79 850003716374
PROSPECTOR 32" Medium Fast Walleye $79 850003716381
PROSPECTOR XL 36" Medium Fast Walleye $79 850003716398

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