Vexilar Digital Battery Status Gauge

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Vexilar has a long and proud history of innovation in fishing products. Vexilar has been in the marine business since 1960. They have always been a small company with good hard working employees. Their goal has simply been to offer the sportsman innovative and quality products at affordable prices.
Vexilar Digital Battery Status Gauge

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  • Vexilar Digital Battery Status Gauge


When the load is removed the digital readout will remain at the last shown level and the trend arrow will switch. This rebound indicates the battery is starting to recover, but the digital readout of the capacity will hold at its lowest level unless you reset the unit by disconnecting and reconnecting the D-130 to the battery. When a charger is attached to the system, the digital readout of capacity will remain the same, up to an hour, with an up arrow indicating that it is receiving a charge, before the digital readout will start to advance. Note, with some batteries, the very top rating for a charged battery (12.7 volts) or 100% rating will not stay at 100% even though it might be fully charged. This is normal. Each battery charges differently and may be fully charged but only show 95%, instead of 100%. This is a normal occurrence with batteries since not all batteries will hold the same top-end percentage when fully charged and is not an indication of a poor or defective battery.


  • Shows the Exact Percentage of Battery Charge
  • Accurate While Charging and Discharging
  • Digital Readout Shows Precise Power Level
  • Mode Arrow Shows if Battery is Charging or Discharging
  • Monitors the Battery Level Constantly
  • Works with All 12 Volt Batteries
  • Waterproof and Accurate in Cold Temperatures
  • Arrows: UP = Recovery or Charge / DOWN = Discharge or Drain
  • Sweet Spot: The place where your specific battery holds a steady output.
  • Cold Temp = quicker discharge.
  • No two batteries act alike.
  • Understand your battery and charger. During operation the bigger the load (electrical draw on the battery), the bigger rebound recovery when the load is removed.
  • No display is shown when the battery voltage is less than 6 volts or if the battery connections to the D-130 are reversed.

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Manufacturer Vexilar

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