Singing Pines Pure Minnesota Hand Harvested Wood Parched Wild Rice

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Traditionally, the Ojibway and Sioux Indians of Minnesota harvested wild rice with two people in a canoe or wooden boat. One person poled th boat through the rice bed, while the other, using knocking sticks, knocked the rice kernels into the boat. The rice was the parched; the hulls removed, and using birch bark winnowing baskets the rice was seperated from the chaff. Today, the majority of wild rice offered in markets has been prepared with modern adaptations of these traditional methods. Singing Pines Wild Rice brings only the best of each year's wild rice crop to you.
Singing Pines Pure Minnesota Hand Harvested Wood Parched Wild Rice


Premium Pure Minnesota Hand Harvested Wood Parched Wild Rice. This is the truly wild rice that has been enjoyed in the Northwoods for centuries, it is hand harvested in the “Old Fashioned” way from the lakes and rivers of Northern Minnesota and, therefore, is in limited supply. After picking the rice at peak ripeness, it is wood parched, the hulls removed, and the chaff winnowed to produce the Wild Rice we all love. This rice cooks up to be very fluffy and tasty with a rich nutty flavor and cooks in only 15 - 25 minutes! As a general rule the lighter the color of the rice, the shorter the cooking time.

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