MarCum Showdown 5.6 Dual Beam Digital Sonar System

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Military-grade engineering drives MarCum to design, test and build the finest ice sonar technology in the game. They’ve never been steered by the competition, rather they’re constantly rewriting the technological playbook. Scan the lineup of MarCum Ice Sonar Systems and select your weapon of choice. From the pro tournament angler or guide to the casual or even beginning angler, there’s a MarCum built just for you.
MarCum Showdown 5.6 Dual Beam Digital Sonar System

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  • MarCum Showdown 5.6 Dual Beam Digital Sonar System


This ain’t your Grandpa’s flasher—you know, that old thing mounted to a blue or green box that ran like a buzzsaw? Back in the day, those early flashers were a trip. Fast-forward to today’s digital age—MP3 players and Smartphones are now as common as cassette tapes were then. Digital is the deal, and it’s why Showdown Fishfinders are taking over the sport—they’re the “smart-sonars” of the ice fishing scene. With 8,000 watts of power pumping through its digital veins, there’s almost nothing the Showdown Dual Beam can’t do. 100% digital means no moving parts, leaving plenty of juice to drive an impenetrable interference rejection system, ½-inch target separation and infinite adjustable zoom and auto bottom lock zoom—and with ample power to burn. Plus, the Dual Beam feature allows the user to toggle between the standard 20-degree cone angle and a targeted, precise 8-degree cone, making the ShowDown 5.6 Dual Beam the ultimate ice fishing sonar for every depth, structure and specie. The Showdown Dual Beam is as high-tech as it gets, which is why its surprisingly simple operation continues to overpower the competition. With both automatic and manual settings, ShowDown simply works for ice anglers of all experience levels. “Smart-sonar” indeed.


  • Higher contrast display produces better resolution
  • Dual Beam 8/20 Degree Transducer
  • 8,000-watts Peak-to-Peak Power
  • 1/2-inch Target Separation
  • Auto Bottom Lock Zoom – adjusts to the bottom 25% of the water column
  • Moveable Zoom – Infinitely adjustable, anywhere in the water column
  • 10 levels of Interference Rejection
  • Surface clutter elimination
  • 25 Sensitivity settings
  • 240-foot Range with Auto Depth Scale function
  • Daylight Viewable Backlit Display
  • Ice-Mode activates Internal Heater to aid LCD in extreme conditions
  • No moving parts - Maximizes run-time between charges
  • Soft Pack, Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger included
  • 12-volt 9-amp Battery included
  • Made in the USA with US and imported parts
  • One year warranty

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Manufacturer MarCum

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