Singing Pines Pure Minnesota Cultivated Broken Wild Rice

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Traditionally, the Ojibway and Sioux Indians of Minnesota harvested wild rice with two people in a canoe or wooden boat. One person poled th boat through the rice bed, while the other, using knocking sticks, knocked the rice kernels into the boat. The rice was the parched; the hulls removed, and using birch bark winnowing baskets the rice was seperated from the chaff. Today, the majority of wild rice offered in markets has been prepared with modern adaptations of these traditional methods. Singing Pines Wild Rice brings only the best of each year's wild rice crop to you.

Singing Pines Pure Minnesota Cultivated Broken Wild Rice


Pure Cultivated Minnesota Wild Rice is a medium brown color, has a rich nut-like roasted flavor and a chewy texture. Approximate cooking time is only 40 - 45 minutes.gThe rice fields are closely monitored to insure harvesting precisely when the wild rice kernal is at it's optimum stage of maturity. Includes basic cooking instructions and 18 FREE recipes. 1lb package.

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