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  1. St. Croix Triumph Spinning Handle

    St. Croix Triumph Spinning - 5' 0'' Ultra Light- Mod


    For those who have discovered fishing later in life, or are beginning the adventure at a young age – the good news is you have the legitimate need to spend hours upon countless hours honing your craft. The other good news is you can get rolling immediately with any of these St Croix Triumph rods. Made with SCII graphite and available in a variety of actions, Triumph rods deliver more value per cast than any other rod going, making both your money and time well spent. Learn More
  2. St. Croix Triumph X Spinning Rod

    St. Croix Triumph X Spinning Rod 5'0" - Ultra Light - Moderate


    St. Croix has been manufacturing hand-crafted fishing rods for over 60 years. It takes experience, dedication and talent to handcraft a premium performance fishing rod, and St. Croix’s team of expert rod builders are the best in the business. Learn More
  3. St. Croix Panfish Series Rod

    St. Croix Panfish Series Rod - 5' 0" Ultra Light - Moderate


    No one appreciates the guy who goes overboard in the lawn care arena. It’s downright un-neighborly. To keep the peace, put the weed wacker down and pick up a St. Croix Panfish rod. Designed with two approaches in mind: Spinning rods up to 7' in ultra-light and light powers with precise, crisp actions; or if you like dropping jigs into brush piles, the 8' to 11' models with moderate-fast actions. Both forever raise the performance bar when it comes to spinning rods for panfish. Invite a few neighbors along and everyone can forget the lawn – for now. Learn More
  4. St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod

    St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod - 5' 0'' Ultra Light- Mod


    There is a big difference between a secret and simply not flaunting your goodies. Wisdom tells us the latter will keep a household running smoothly and all parties relatively content. While it is hard to imagine, some people simply aren’t as impressed with premium SCII graphite blanks and high-grade components like those found in the Premier line of spinning rods as others. The fact that these spinning rods are fast, light and loaded with genuine fortitude does not elicit the same response as, say, taking care of tonight’s dinner. Learn More
  5. St. Croix Avid Series Spinning Rod

    St. Croix Avid Series Spinning Rod - 5' 0'' Ultra Light - Fast


    First, calculate the travel time – make sure to include road construction on the route. Add in “processing” time. Some ambitious anglers will even include the “You know there’s a blood test, right?” trick to buy precious extra minutes. There is no shame in resorting to desperate measures to take advantage of the full range of Avid Series spinning rods. With 54 technique-specific rods, the power of SCIII graphite and St. Croix’s exclusive IPC technology delivering impressive strength and responsiveness at an unbelievable value, you’re going to need to exhibit some impressive math skills. And, yes, beyond calculating how many beverages will fit in the cooler. Learn More

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