PowerPro Zero-Impact Fishing Line - 150 Yd

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Simply put, PowerPro is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge.
Begining with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber, then using Enhanced Body Technology to create an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line. PowerPro outperforms monofilament lines in any situation and leaves other superlines in the dust. Try PowerPro on your next fishing trip, and see for yourself why it's every angler's dream - and every fish's nightmare!
PowerPro Zero-Impact Fishing Line - 150 Yd


Designed to blend into freshwater vegetation. Ideal for flipping, punching, ripping a crankbait through grass or throwing a frog. Anytime you are fishing in or around vegetation, this is your go to color.

Zero Impact - Tighten Drag, Set the Hook Hard, Give Fish ZERO Chance to Escape! Introducing a Termination Zone Technology

Line strength in Termination Zone is 50% stronger compared to nominal zone without compromising total line capacity on the reel. Simply tie your knot in one of the clearly black marked Termination Zones and feel a level of confidence that is unmatched by any other Superline on the market.

Maximum knot strength in black termination zone - 100% knot strength is typical when comparing with normal zone.
PowerPro Zero-Impact Fishing Line - 150 Yd
Image MPN Item Code Type Pound Test Color Yards Price Qty
PowerPro Zero-Impact 65 lb. 150 yd. - Aqua Green 25100650150QK 0254-0001 Super Line 65# Aqua Green 150

PowerPro Zero-Impact 80 lb. 150 yd. - Aqua Green 25100800150QK 0254-0002 Super Line 80# Aqua Green 150

PowerPro Zero-Impact 100 lb. 150 yd. - Aqua Green 25101000150QK 0254-0003 Super Line 100# Aqua Green 150

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