St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod - 7' 0'' Light - Fast

“Hi, leave a message and I’ll be happy to eventually return your call. Just as soon as I get back from tossing a few jigs. Well, technically not then as I plan to also fish some slip bobbers, do a little vertical jigging and then a little bottom bouncing. There’s an Eyecon rod for all those techniques. These are, after all, the same rods that won Field & Stream’s 2011 Best of the Best award for spinning rods. Eyecons are built on SCII graphite blanks with technique-specific actions for just about any walleye fishing scenario – including trolling, with the launch of last year’s 2012 trolling models. Every rod in the series delivers dialed-in performance walleye anglers crave. Have a nice day.”
St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod

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