Georgia Waterproof CC Farm & Ranch Work Boot

If you are looking for a boot that is comfortable and flexible with the additional feature of waterproof, the Georgia waterproof CC Farm & Ranch work boot could be just what you are seeking. This work boot is made with a direct injected polyurethane outsole that promotes comfort by the way it gives taking some of the stress and strain away from the wearer's feet and body. What really helps take the boot's underfoot cushion comfort to another level is by use of its extra thick contoured removable polyurethane Comfort Core insole that is made possible by a process that cores out the internal construction of its bottom. This provides direct underfoot cushion comfort from the bottom of the foot to the ground along with extra flexibility. It is a real plus for anyone walking or standing for long time periods. An additional comfort feature of the work boot is its waterproof construction helping keep feet dry.

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