Georgia Barracuda Gold Wedge Steel Toe Work Boot

One of the key technology changes allowing for lighter weight safety shoes has been the use of polyurethane outsoles on products such as the Georgia 8" Gold Wedge steel toe work boot. The polyurethane outsole material not only helps make lighter weight steel toe work boots, but also gives to help take some of the stress and strain away from the wearer's feet and body. An additional feature of the boot's outsole is its wedge design. The outsole can be a real asset for those standing for long time periods as its wedge design helps provide underfoot arch support. In addition to meeting the highest AS F2413-05 Impact & Compression standards, this work boot also complies with its Electrical Hazard standards. This type of work boot is made with insulating bottoms providing secondary electrical hazard protection to those areas dealing with open circuits under dry conditions, but also can be worn in work areas requiring only basic protective toe work boots.

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